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Fort Elizabeth Commemoration

Venue: Courtyard by Marriott Kaua'i at Coconut Beach,
650 Aleka Loop, Kapaa, HI, USA
Date: November 11-13, 2017

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Commemoration of the 200th anniversary
of the Pā ʻulaʻula / Fort Elizabeth

This year, Russia and the United States commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Russian settlements and founding of the Russian fortresses Fort Alexander, Fort Barclay de Tolly and the only one remaining, Fort Elizabeth (Hawaiian: Paʻulaʻula o Hipo), on the island of Kauai. These events are a bright page of the history of positive relations between Russia and the United States.
In this commemoration, we plan to hold a celebratory ceremony, a forum, round table, exhibition, a proposed restoration project of the settlement and presentation of several books, as well as a traditional Hawaiian reception and cultural show. Our goal is directed toward strengthening humanitarian ties and mutual understanding between the two nations. We view this as an excellent opportunity to remember the contributions which Russians made in the development of

the American continent and in the growth of the spiritual life of the indigenous people of the US.
Steady growth of interest of the citizens of our countries in the pages of history, joint efforts in the field of preservation and promotion of historical and cultural heritage will help to revive communications between our people and to overcome the current decline in relationships between the countries. An opportunity to touch this joint history gives an extraordinary force of influence and raises awareness of participation of the two nations with each other. Additionally, it can give an enormous boost to Hawaii’s travel industry (specifically Kauai) and economy. We hope to attract the attention of possible investors, including the Russian government into restoring Fort Elizabeth to its full historical potential, generating global interest for academics, historians and tourists.

We are proud to report that this project has already gained support of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Moscow government, various US government officials, the Russian Orthodox Church, numerous organizations and universities, as well as historians and academics interested in preserving the Russian historical and cultural heritage. This project will receive informational support from the American and Russian media, and we are confident that we will generate a greater interest in this project once we start introducing and promoting it to the general public.
We trust you will find an opportunity to sponsor, support and/or participate in this project, and have outlined various levels of proposed sponsorship opportunities. These proposals are outlined below:

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For questions about how you can sponsor or participate, please feel free to contact Natalie Sabelnik, president of Congress of Russian Americans, at ngsab@aol.com or call: 1-415-999-7152.